Preparing to move


Llys Helig is getting ready for her first voyage in over 20 years. Nick Barke and his team from are removing more weight from the upper decks to give the boat more stability and repairing holes in the hull. She will have a full survey and then she will be made seaworthy ready for her trip to the shipyard.

We have a couple of months to do this work and of course she’ll have to be 100% right before we even think of towing her out into the sea, so she’ll be in Burnham for a few weeks yet.

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3 thoughts on “Preparing to move

  1. Please keep is informed when she is planned on leaving burnham I would love to be there as have live in burnham my whole life

  2. what a brave project! My interest initially came from the name Llys Helig, as I lived in Llandudno for many years and knew the location. I then spotted the old photographs of the vessel and realised the connection. It was in Conwy a few years before I moved to the area in 1963, but as you say it was ofter shown in early photographs and postcards of Conwy. Good luck with the project!

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